I have sought to live ONE life that does not differentiate between work and play, colleague and friend, daily life and passion. Developing Wanderlust's core mission of creating community around mindful living was very organic for me as it aligns neatly with my own personal mission. I have always felt that life is best when shared and I have always been naturally drawn to things that bring people together --- like sublime music, powerful ideas, soaring oratory, delicious food and big parties. 

When I am not ensconced in Wanderlust or family, I dedicate time to a variety of projects. Really, I see these things as all connected. 



In March of 2014, I produced an event in support of Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) at ABC Home. Tim has been a long-time friend and has appeared at many Wanderlusts. He is one of the only nationally-elected officials with a meditation practice and is the sponsor of bills to bring mindfulness to public schools and to veterans. I am committed to creating mindful policy, to use mindfulness as a lens through which to create a platform around the most salient issues of our time including health care, food policy and sustainability.



In June 2014, I joined the board of the Pure Edge, an organization founded by Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones dedicated to building and administering health and wellness curriculum to kids in public schools. I hope to contribute to the vision of Pure Edge through organizing community events, leveraging the Wanderlust network of teachers and studios and helping to produce events that can raise funds.