The Wanderlust Speakeasy is Now in Podcast Form

The Wanderlust Speakeasy podcast brings our signature lecture series straight to your ears, whether you’re listening at home, in the car, at work, or anywhere else life takes you. Our first season, hosted by Wanderlust co-founder Jeff Krasno, focuses on what it means to live a spiritual life. We’ll hear from a inspiring lineup of Wanderlust’s presenters, including prominent yoga teachers, wellness leaders, authors, musicians, and more. Listen here. 

A Mindful Approach to Washington with Congressman Tim Ryan

I am thrilled to be producing my first political fundraiser for my friend, Congressman Tim Ryan, at the beautiful ABC Home. Thank you to my fellow members of the host committee --- especially Jeff Walker and Chuck Lief.  Also, thanks to Deepak Chopra, Keith Mitchell, Amy Chender, Paula Gilovich and Nicole Lindstrom. We were able to raise $100,000 for a very important leader. Tim is bringing a mindful approach to governance to break the deadlock in Washington.